These apple scripts and plugins are old stuff that I wrote when I was using OSX, I no longer use it as I have switched to Slackware Linux, so this are supplied "AS IS", if you use them and they work fine, if they don't then you are pretty much on your own :), mail me and I MIGHT be able to help!

Multiple Docks and Desktops - DDDD
A RealBasic program to make a GUI for any command line program - Commando Maker
A RealBasic plugin to do general system stuff, this is a Code Warrrior project* - General Plug
Same but for Director, this is a Code Warrrior project* - General Xtra
A command line program to get the version of an installed application or pref thingy - Get Version
Split a picture up for an iPod photo - iSplit
Use the currently playing song album art from iTunes as wallpaper - iTunes WallPaper
Add printing to Director, this is a Code Warrrior project* - Print Xtra
Change screen resolution from Director, this is a Code Warrrior project* - Screen Xtra
Various apple scripts with a GUI to do system stuff,( show all files, root finder etc.) these need cleaning up! - System Scripts

*I no longer have a copy of Code Warrior, so you really are on your own! You will also need the sdk's from RealBasic and Macromedia.

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