MPEG To iPod Converter


This Program is essentially a wrapper for ffmpeg which will convert various video files to a format suitable for use on an iPod Photo running Rockbox, if you want the output format to be for a different player or for the desktop you will have to alter the script in Mpg2iPod/Mpg2iPod/resources/scripts, I may decide to add a function to set this in the program. You can convert from any format that ffmpeg supports, you can also just extract an mp3 sound file from a video file (handy for utube videos), just drag and drop a video file onto the convert box and click apply, a terminal window will open and begin conversion you can then either quit the gui or click on redo and convert another file, redo will set the options to the default as well as clearing the file name,

To build:
sudo make install
Download MPEG to iPod Converter

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