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What it is and does

I write a number of my own programs, and have always had a bit of a problem writing the manpage, I have used the excellent 'ManEdit' but development on this has been stalled for a number of years.
So I finally decided to write my own and this is the result.
This is only the first draft and there is LOTS to be done, so bugs and suggestions are welcome, please click on the 'About' button in the program for my email address.


Tab Menu
File Menu

Tool Bar
Text Formatting
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Tab Menu

The 'Tab Menu' Allows you to change the section name etc.

File Menu

New will create a new manpage.
New Section adds a section to the manpage.
New From Template opens a template file installed in PREFIX/share/ManPageEditor/examples, called oddly enough template-1.mpz, you can change this template to suit your tastes or replace it with your own template, at some future stage I will add more templates and possibly add a template folder.
New Editor would you believe opens a new editor!
Open open a manpageeditor file (.mpz).
Export exports to manpage format, sections are created in the order they are displayed in the editor, just drag the tabs to reorder.
Export exports the manpage to the same folder as the source file and names it as the lowercase name in properties and appends the section number.
Import Man Page allows you to manually select a manpage to import.
Import System Manpage allows you to just type the name of the manpage that you want and optionally select a manpage section, like so:

Export As allows you to select folder and file for the exported page.
Properties set the main properties for the page.
Delete section does what it says, this can not be undone! so save first.
Save/Save As/Print/Quit and Close are standard.


Pretty standard the entry box is a 'Live' search just start typing, press enter to go to the next match and shift for the previous.


Self explanatory mostly 'Use Underline' uses underlining in the GUI to represent italic which is the same as most terminals.


The header and footer displayed in the man page like so:

Text Formatting
Simple text formatting is done via the 'Formatting' menu just select a piece of text and select bold/italic or clear, italic text tends to be shown in the terminal as underlined
, this can be set in the prefs.
See the example file in PREFIX/share/ManPageEditor/examples.

To Do
Write a proper help file.
Add proper formatting instead of using text based tags --> Mostly done need to add stuff like indents and paragraphs.
Add more templates and template folder.
Add optional zipping up of man pages.
Add preview option.
Add import manpage.
Make a proper icon.
Add a mime type for documents.
Add document icon.

Get it here!


A reasonably new Xorg and desktop.


(optional but recommended)

Spell checking via aspell is optional and can be enabled with the '--enable-aspell' switch to ./configure or ./

If you use a source based distro like LFS or Slackware you should have all(most) of these installed, if you use a pre-packaged distro like debian and you have not compiled from source before you may have to install some development packages i.e.i.e. for debian ( this is from memory ) the build-essential package and the -dev packages for gtk2 and

gtksourceview, check your distros documentation and you distros forums for general help on compiling software.

Unpack the tar ball,cd into the KKEdit folder and run:
./configure --prefix=/usr 
sudo make install
See the 'README' file for full details.

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