Gtksu - what is it?

Simple its a simple replacement for gksu/ktsuss etc that allows you to run a program with different privileges ( root etc ).

Although there are other programs of theis type most if not all rely on polkit or have a large number of dependencies, apps like ktsuss which this app was inspired by ( available here: ), some like ktsuss seem to have been abandoned ( last commit was 2011 ).

Also it seems that whenever polkit ( which is a nightmare! ) is updated these programs break, so this is the result there are few dependencies a reasonable recent gtk and glib and that's it.


Just run ./configure or ./ from this folder then make and sudo make install.
To install to ( say ) /usr instead of the default /usr/local, add --prefix=/usr, --enable-ktsuss-link will as it says link ktsuss to gtksu so that some programs that hard code the files think that ktsuss is being used ( spacefm ).

You can also choose to build a QT5 version by adding --enable-qt5 to the configure command, the default is to build a gtk GUI.


gtksu [OPTION] [--] <command>
Run a command as another user
-u, --user USER            Runs the command as the given user
-m, --message MESG        Change default message in ktsuss window

Simple usage:
gtksu terminal.

If you need to add options use -- like so:
gtksu -u root -- terminal --hold -x ls -AF /

This programme has the potential to hose your system if used unwisely, BE WARNED!
May present a security risk so use at your own risk.

Gtk Version

Qt5 Version

Get it here:
GtkSu 0.1.6

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