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Simple Dump
Gedit Navigator Plugin
ImageMagick Utilities

A simple menu driven front end to the standard linux "dump/restore" programs.

Vicp (Visual copy)
I do a lot of video work so as you can imagine the files can be very big, the standard cp -v command doesn't really give a lot of extra info so I knocked up this script to show a dialog box with file copy progress and overall progress so I can see whats going on with the cp command, all normal cp switches are passed to the cp command ( which is run in the background so this script doesn't slow it up too much ) there is also an extra three switch's "-X" which will not display a dialog box but give command line output, -N which will set a nice level of 15 and an ionice level of 7 and --simulate which just prints out what would have been copied, just replace "cp" with "vicp" and you're good to go ( presuming you have named this script "vicp", made it executable and placed it somewhere in your path ).

terminal image

A script to create the various case statements to set variables from the command line and optionally insert them into a file, switches can be created from the commands to the makeswitch script or via a config file, see the man page and example files for full details simple help is:
makeswitch -?

Usage: makeswitch [OPTION]... [FORMAT]...
-b|--binary : Binary states 'ON/OFF'
-s|--string : String initial state
-i|--init : Initialize variable
-n|--no-init : Don't initialize variable
-c|--config : Use config file f
-a|--app-name : Set the application name
-v|--version : Set the application version
-x|--xtra-help : Add 'args' to 'help' option

FORMAT = n:nnn:vartype:info ...
Where n:nnn = short:long-opt
vartype = [b|s|n] [binary, string or null]
info string for help

Config file example:
APPNAME appname
OUTPUTFILE EncodeVideo/encodevideo.startup
Initialize following variables
Don't initialize following variables
STRINIT "Initial string value"
SWITCH  f:file:s:"Encode file FILE"
SWITCH k:keep:b:"Save sorted original comics"
Paste into front of file FILE (upto ###CUT###)
Version 0.2.1

Gedit Navigator Plugin

This is a plug-in for gedit that adds three new menus for navigating source code files and adding bookmarks, see the README file in the archive for full details on useage and installation. Requires some flavour of ctags and of course gedit, below are a number of screenshots of it in action:

Definitions in a 'C 'file:

plugin c                  file

Definitions in a 'Bash' file:


Open an 'Include' file:

Image Magick Utilities

I use Imagemagick quite a lot for various graphics work and I use the colorize and modulate  a LOT when doing a theme or icons, the main problem with a command line app ( no matter how good ) is that you have no visual feedback until you convert the whole image, hence these three scripts ( the start of many! ) they can be installed and run from the command line or used as a nautilus script by placing them in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts, select an image in nautilus and then select either colourize, modulate  brightness from the scripts menu, you can also run any of the other apps from the first so you can colorize and then modulate then adjust the contrast of the image, the dialogs are fairly simple but there is a README file in the archive, you should try to avoid a 1:1 preview as it's quite slow, however when linking the apps and converting the final image you should set the preview of the apps to 1:1.




Download Image Magick Utilities

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