ASpell GUI
ASpellGUI - what is it?

Simple its a simple GUI for aspell.

As I have sometimes had to check spelling of a word or sentence outside of a text editor I had a look around for a GUI for aspell but surprisingly couldn't find one! So I wrote this simple front end for ASpell just launch it from the accessories menu and pase or type a word in the text box and either press 'Spell Check' to check and correct all words in the text box or select a single word and press 'Check Word' to just correct that one, that's all there is to it.
ASpellGUI can now be built using the Gtk2 or QT5 toolkit.
Just run ./configure or ./ from this folder then make and sudo make install.
To build the QT5 version use ./configure  --enable-qt5, default is to build the Gtk2 version.
To install to ( say ) /usr instead of the default /usr/local, add --prefix=/usr.

Main Window Gtk2.

Word replace dialog Gtk2.

Main Window QT5.

Word replace dialog QT5.

Get it here:
Aspell GUI 0.0.9

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